Disability Culture

This is a page of random links, of video clips, articles and books to read associated with the part time Phd I’ m doing on disability culture and social media


These are links to videos on /or about the theme of disability culture

Disability Culture: Research in Motion  (youtube) Published on 27 Jul 2012

(description under the video) What does disability culture mean to you? Are there many disability cultures? Watch some of our answers, recorded during three days of workshops and discussions at the University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies Spring Conference 2012: Disability/Culture: An Arts-Based Research Symposium. We explored Embodiment/Enmindment/Aesthetic Access/Interdependence /Community.

Disability Culture Rap 1 and 2,

intro by Cheryl Marie Wade. (pdf)

Critical Thinking – critiquing disabled artists

Jo Verrent, Senior Producer, Unlimited took up the conversation with Dr Matt Hargrave a Senior Lecturer in Drama & Applied Theatre at the University of Northumbria and author of Theatres of Learning Disability:  Good, Bad Or Plain Ugly?  (Palgrave), soon to be published.

Carla Ricea*, Eliza Chandlerb, Elisabeth Harrisonc, Kirsty Liddiardd & Manuela Ferrarie Project Re•Vision: disability at the edges of representation


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1 Introducing Disability and Social Theory – Dan Goodley, Bill Hughes and Lennard Davis
5 Discourses of Disabled Peoples’Organisations: Foucault, Bourdieu and Future Perspectives – Theo Blackmore and Stephen Lee Hodgkins
Riddell, Sheila, and Nick Watson. Disability, culture and identity. Routledge, 2014.

Chapter 8 Now I Know Why Disability Art Is Drowning in the River Lethe (thanks to Pierre Bourdieu) by  Dr Paul A. Darke (unedited version)


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Available at: http://research.gold.ac.uk/10415/

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An Introduction to Race, Gender, and Disability: Intersectionality, Disability Studies, and Families of Color

David Pfeiffer An Essay on the Beginnings of Disability Culture and Its Study Review of Disability Studies Vol 1, No 1

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Oliver, Mike The politics of humility http://www.disabilitynow.org.uk/article/politics-humility

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