CEDAW and CRPD -building the links

Julia Lyford from NE Equalities Coalition

Julia Lyford from NE Equalities Coalition

Last week I was invited by the NE Women Network (unfortunately Sue Robson was not able to be there but I did see Clare Wiper and Umme from the Angelou Centre) to be part of a workshop with the NE Equalities Coalition on Newcastle leg of BIHR’s (British Institute of Human Rights) Human Rights Tour in a session of CEDAW and CRPD. This event is also kindly sponsored by Ben Hoare Bell Solicitors.

We had the welcome and opening comments by Cris McCurley whom I met in Geneva when we went there with the UK CEDAW working team. Cris is really great  – so am really proud to know her. She spoke on the dangers of our human rights being reduced.

I had also the pleasure to dine and get to know the wonderful Julia Lyford of the NE Equalities Coallition and discuss the impact of CEDAW has on the work of  NE Women. The reason why I was invited was to see if they can bridge the links of CEDAW with the CRPD because of the interest of including disabled women up there. There is a journey to be had between women’s and disabled people’s rights.

I was awed at their (NE Women Network) progress. Interest in CEDAW seems to be ongoing and there was a feeling of inclusive working together. Some of the activists I know do not seem to see the importance of these UN instruments and have no interest in referring to them whatsoever.

When I got back I got inspired enough to research and link some resources on the Sisters of Frida’s website on the CRPD.

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