At the EVA London Conference 2014

Last week I was at the EVA London Conference.   EVA conference focus on electronic visualisation technologies and I have been involved for many years – from attending back in 2004 presenting on a bilingual webzine for which I was one of the editors. Last year I took on the role as the PR to help with the social media.

This year is a special year -to commemorate 25 years of EVA. In 1990 the EC-supported VASARI High Quality Imaging Project helped launch the first EVA London Conference. Fascinating to see how imaging has progressed through the years.


Lizzie Jackson with Jonathan Bowen, Graham Diprose and Nick Lambert

We had 3 keynote speakers and I was most interested, because of my own training, by Lizzie Jackson ‘Findability': A central issue for quality media in a networked world’ . Lizzie is Professor of Interactive Media at Ravensbourne and an advisor to the Council of Europe on the management and governance of public service media, and also the re-definition of culture and education in the era of networked communications.

In between tweeting, taking photos and chairing I managed to catch a few other interesting presentations. It was good to hear Angela Chang presenting on her project ‘Visualisations of Data from the Literacy Tablet Reading Project in Rural Ethiopia’ where they tried out literacy taught using tablets. I’m not convinced it was helpful in the long run to the children involved however.  I learnt about History Pins from Moshe Caine from his talk ‘ Unfolding communities: Imaging the Past – Envisioning the Future’. It was amusing but there was a serious undertone to Eunice Gonçalves Duarte‘s ‘Stories of a Technology Breakdown: How Digital Tools Influence Aesthetic and Artistic Options’ – what do you do if you were to present digitally when there is not the signal you were promised? I missed Roma Patel’s presentation ‘ Narrative approaches to design mutli-screen Augmented Reality Experiences’ but she gave me my own demo – fascinating but she told me that they have not succeeded to add subtitles to the experience because it was live.

These are but the very few of the presentations I went to, I should also menationed that I really enjoyed the workshops I chaired on data management and refreshing my memory on repositories, operability and Dublin Core!

But conferences are best remembered for new contacts, catching up with old friends and spending time together having good food!

More photos at EVA London Conference Flickr  and at Kia Ng’s.


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