Busaba Eathai: Pandan chicken and sticky rice

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I was at a conference. My colleague had gone back to her hotel, we re both waiting for other colleagues for dinner. I love wandering around London, I have a terrible sense of direction and I get lost all the time. (even with google map on my phone).

Anyway I passed a Thai restaurant and it looked so intriguing I wandered in and I was hungry. So I decided I had to have a snack..and ordered a tom yum and a guava collins to drink. I love tom yums – and this tasted good (not as hot as the ones I m accustomed to in Thailand) with the sea food freshness of the prawns. So good that I thought I’d have something else, I asked for the menu again and ordered a pandan chicken with sticky rice for accompaniment. In South east Asia, pandan leaves are used as a flavouring like vanilla to desserts and they are very fragrant. I loved the idea of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and grilled. Unfortunately when it came I found the chicken over cooked and did not hold the promise at all. Very disappointing.

The atmosphere was great in the restaurant. Obviously popular, there were many parties which came and went while I was there. The tables were big with people sharing, I was at a table with seven others. I didnt feel intimidated eating on my own. The waiter was friendly and was concerned that I was not happy with my chicken – he said he told his manager. My colleague rang to ask me to join them at a Pizza Express. I didn’t regret eating here and will come again to try other dishes.

Busaba Eathai is at 22 Store Street, London WC1E 7EF – accessible entrance at the side. Restaurant is a not that easy to negotiate with a wheelchair but staff are friendly and willing to move furniture.

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