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Positive about disabled people

    We recruit through fair and open competition – ensuring that all disabled applicants receive a guaranteed interview if they meet the minimum criteria for any advertised post. We also consult with applicants before interview and make any reasonable adjustments for the interview/selection process.

This recruitmant position is regarded as helpful/concessionary to disabled job seekers. Some disabled people have disagreed and regarded it as a way of ensuring against discrimination charges. Those with impairments which are none too evident view it with distrust as a tickbox exercise and do not declare disability. Those with an obvious impairment are left with no choice, they have to declare but unless they are very confident people, they are always left with doubts.

Did they fail because the interview was a tick box exercise?

The whole premise of being shortlisted in a competitive process can be undermined by that. Is there a solution to this?

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  1. June 20, 2014

    […] wrote a blog previously that disabled people often see the ‘Two Ticks’ scheme as a tickbox excercise […]

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